• 1/19,6:30 pm: I’m super-excited to be talking to Alondra Nelson about her wonderful new book, The Social Life of DNA. We’ll be at the Enoch Pratt Free Library 400 Cathedral Street, Baltimore.
  • 1/26, 2:00-3:00 pm: I’ll be on the Center for Genetics and Society‘s Talking Biopolitics webcast/podcast, talking with Paul Knoepfler about his new book, GMO Sapiens.
  • 3/17, time TBD, Library of Congress: I’ll be hosting a “witness seminar” (collective oral history). I’ll have four distinguished scientists, including Nobel laureate Walter Gilbert, Ray Gesteland, W. Ford Doolittle, and George Fox, talking about the origins of life. We’ll be hashing out the history of the “RNA world” concept—the idea that in the very earliest life forms, before DNA and before proteins, the molecule RNA performed the role of both genes and enzymes. Come and watch history in the making!
  • 5/26/-27, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia: I’ll be participating in the 2016 Gordon Cain Conference, on “The Evolving Search for Life in the Universe.”